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November 29

bornbornToday18981963C. S. LewisIrish Author
bornbornToday1932Jacques ChiracFrench politician, who served as the President of France from 1995 to 2007.
bornbornToday18251893Jean-Martin Charcotwas a French neurologist. Creator douche of Charcot.
bornbornToday1952Jeff FaheyUS Actor
bornbornToday1961Tom SizemoreUS film and television actor and producer.
bornbornToday19492016Garry ShandlingUS comic, actor
bornbornToday18321888Louisa May AlcottLiterature & Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers
bornbornToday17991888Amos Bronson AlcottUS Educator
bornbornToday19182007Madeleine L'EngleLiterature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Biographies & Memoirs
bornbornToday1976Anna FarisUS Actress
bornbornToday1992David LambertUS Actor
bornbornToday1935Diane LaddUS Actress
bornbornToday1957Janet NapolitanoUS Politician
bornbornToday1958John Dramani MahamaGhanaian Politician
bornbornToday19122008John TempletonUS Businessman
bornbornToday1969Sheena IyengarUS Educator
bornbornToday18111884Wendell PhillipsUS abolitionist
bornbornToday19392012Peter BergmanUS comic, actor, writer
bornbornToday1971Gena Lee NolinUS actor (Baywatch)


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