Did you participate in the most recent 2016 Roots Tech sessions?

But if you didn’t, never fear!  Many of the sessions and presentations can be found archived online.

Including a very compelling presentation by Myko Clelland a presenter from one of Ancestrydata.com ‘s many sources, Find My Past.  The Roots Tech website says about Clelland:

Myko Clelland

“Findmypast’s London based family historian has crossed the length of the British Isles and further with almost 100 presentations as a genealogy speaker and presenter under his belt, sharing an infectious passion for family history everywhere from national institutions to regional archives & local family history groups. With a colourful ancestry covering very opposite corners of Europe he’s inherited a genetic expertise for storytelling & plenty of skeletons in the cupboard to go with them.”

He discusses everything from mandatory British records and registries, to family records and British census data.  See below for Myko Clelland’s presentation and go to ancestrydata.com and type in your family’s name (or any name you are curious about) in the name search bar to get to Find My Past and other helpful results.






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