With all the upcoming elections happening and politics over the news, many people are analyzing candidates and issues and expressing their beliefs.  What someone’s political leaning or voting history can shed a lot of light about them as a person and about their life.

During her passing, I was able to learn a lot about my Grandma as she shared many memories and stories from her life with her family around her.  Most of what she shared were things we had never heard before!  One interesting thing we learned about her was some of her political views and party alliances – we were surprised by what she told us!

Have you ever considered what your ancestors may have thought about politics?  Now you can!  Having voting history or voter registration records can really help you uncover information not only about your ancestor’s beliefs, but it can help in your genealogy searches by providing place, names, dates and other vital data.



Ancestry Data Name Search


There are many online resources to help you along in a search like this.  Searching a name on, for example, gives you a wealth of options.  I really like this particular search because it gives your options from many different sites and shows you all the types of records available.  This way, you don’t have to rely on just one source.  You can make sure you have all the types of documents at your disposal.

For instance, I typed in “John Andersen” into the Ancestry Data Name Search and 7 options came up with varying records available.  Immigration, birth records, census data and marriage records were brought up but other more records were provided such as election returns and even criminal histories!  I really like that I have all types of records to choose from in this search.

Find more about your ancestors now by simply starting with a name!





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